WordPress 3.5 Update – First Bug Report

Inserting images just got better with WordPress 3.5, or did it?

Wordpress 3.5 Update has a little bug when inserting images to blog posts

We can’t really knock WordPress at all, since most of our sites are built in it.  We did however, notice an annoying little bug with the new WordPress 3.5 update.  Our bloggers have pointed out that when inserting a photograph or image in a new post, that WordPress 3.5 does not automatically save revisions to the image title.

Here’s a little screen shot of me drafting this blog and attempting to insert to orange WordPress 3.5 image you see on the top right.  This is the new dialogue box and I’ve typed the desired image title on the right:

Wordpress 3.5 update has image bugs

Here’s a closeup:

Closeup of WordPress 3.5 update image title bug

Following the insertion, when you click on the image in your editor and look then look at the settings again you will notice the image title has disappeared:

Image title disappears in WordPress 3.5 update

So bloggers beware, the moral of the story is don’t waste your time filling in image titles on the new media upload.  The only way I’ve found to get this to work is actually clicking on the image dialogue box once its been inserted into the post.

Happy blogging!


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