Use keyword phrases to get more blog traffic

Use Google Keyword Tool to help drive traffic to your blog site.  Tips from Local Marketing 2.0 in Cotati, CABlogging is still a great way to drive traffic to your businesses website.

In order for blogs to be read though, the blog site needs traffic.  Here’s a few tips from your friends here at Local Marketing 2.0 on how to use keyword phrases to increase your blog traffic, and ultimately, your business’ web traffic:

1.  Choose your keyword phrase

Blogging for your business takes a little forethought.  Specifically, think about the keywords you think people will be searching for that pertain to your business and its services.  If you are a produce shop in Farmville, then you may want to consider writing an article about organic apples.  Using the keywords “Organic apples”, “Farmville”, and your produce shop’s name, will help drive local traffic to your blog.

2.  Outline your post

Now that you’ve chosen your keywords, get ready to use header tags.  These are tags that tell the search engines the importance of the text in your article. Try to organize your posts in a way that has your topic sentences outlined in header tags.  Right now, the headings in this numbered outlines are h3 tags, while this paragraph is “paragraph” text.

3.  High quality content is vital

Don’t just blog about anything.  When you pick your topic, make sure its relevant and useful to the reader. If you are the owner of a breakfast cafe, and you blog about the new Nissan Maxima and toss in a bunch of links to pancake sites, you probably won’t garner any hits for your business.  However, if you post about your favorite pancake recipe that the cafe uses and give some helpful tips on mind blowing banana pancakes, the Google algorithms will love you.

4.  Add images and mediaThis is an example of alt text.

Google is high on images and video right now.  Every posts should have at least one image or video and it needs to be properly optimized for search engine visibility.  This includes creating a descriptive title, proper tags, and using alt text – Google eats up alt text like its going out of style.

5.  Use links

Make sure you link to high-value URL’s that will help drive traffic to your site.  If you are blogging about a new city capital improvement project, be sure to include links to the City’s website and Public Works Department.  These are high value URLs that help search engines recognize the credibility of your post.

If all this makes sense and you apply these basic steps to your blogging, you should see an increase in traffic very quickly.  If you need help, or the task of blogging multiple times a week to help increase web traffic and search engine visibility becomes too time consuming, we’re happy to help!  Local Marketing 2.0 specializes in providing social media management, web design, reputation management services, and lead generation, to local businesses.

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