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C-Level Consulting

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Social Media Management

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Reputation Management

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Internet Marketing Specialists

Local Marketing 2.0 specializes in internet marketing for small and medium enterprises. We use proven digital marketing algorithms and formulas to optimize every dollar you spend online, turning it into the best possible ROI. There’s no guess work with our website and social media analytics. We know exactly where your traffic is coming from, what content they’re looking at, and how to turn this traffic into leads so that you can increase your sales. All of our strategies are field tested and proven to get results.  

As a business owner or executive, your time is extremely valuable. The last thing you want to do is waste it spending hundreds of precious hours trying to figure out how to effectively use social media management to drive web traffic, how to determine the budget for pay-per-click ads, or flail in the sea of search engine optimization and wonder why your name still doesn’t show up on the first three search engine results pages. For most business owners and executives, turning all this internet marketing mumbo jumbo into revenue is about as easy as learning Greek – and it consumes just about as much time.

Rest easy knowing professionals are handling your internet and digital marketing.

Our marketing agency provides monthly reporting that includes website analytics, social media management insights, and a search engine optimization ranking report.  We put all of the data in an easy to read format so that the results are clear.  

Visit our Recent Projects page to see our highlighted internet marketing projects!

 We work with a wide range of clients including small, local businesses here in Rohnert Park/Santa Rosa; all the way to large, national corporations.  Our recent projects page lists our internet marketing projects that you are sure to be familiar with.

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